E-filing for divorce in Illinois: how you can ease the dissolution procedure

When you received the divorce notice against you by your spouse and do not know what to do, then here are all the ways that can certainly help you to go through the dissolution process of your marriage in ease. When you receive a call of divorce, do not let yourself into depression, you need to keep yourself strong so as to tackle such a problem. You have two ways to approach the divorce call that is two options are left when you receive divorce notice from your spouse against you.  


The first option that you need to carry out is to do nothing, it is a matter of your choice of doing nothing. Make sure to keep in your mind that the divorce case will not be forwarded without you at any cost Moreover, it cannot even be moved an inch further without the presence of yourself. The judgement will be given by the judge only based on the statement of your spouse, blankly the decision would be taken only on considering their views and side. This can be a really reliable one if you do not have kids or property for starting an argument. If you possess kids or properties, then it will lead you to regret the decision taken if you really do not like these terms and conditions. The foremost thing that you should follow is to protect your legal rights for which you need to say something based on the outcome of these kinds of stuff. It is better if you are being responsible for the divorce papers and enter the court immediately on receiving the divorce called.  

When you find that the default judgement given by the court is entirely against you, you need not remain quiet, it is always the right choice to challenge them against this. You can simply fill the form issued in the court and file it directly against the default judgement issued by the court. This must take nearly 30 days and complete it entirely within that period on the account of the date of default judgement. If not this would be great difficulty in order to get rid of this type of default judgement.  

The next option would be contrary to the first one and that is to response the divorce case filed by your spouse and also to take up the divorce case by your terms. At any point, you should do this and have no other choice apart from this. Sometimes, it is even better to take up the case and just face it courageously. When taking up this opinion, you would have your day in the court separately where you need to arrive at the court and tell everything whatever helps to favour the case towards your side. Make sure, to tell the truth, and tell things that are favourable to you. Let the court decide the rest of the things and favour you if you are true. The final decision can be only made only by the court and it decides what should happen. The first step you must take is to make responsible for the papers that you received based on the filled up divorce case by your spouse. You can’t just respond by filing the appearance form and make sure that you answer the form within the deadline given by the court.


It would take plenty of time as well as money to file an answer in the court. Make sure that you wait in patience. Usually, these kinds of court cases take up to several months or even years to complete these types of cases. You should always possess enough knowledge about the fees to be paid for filing the case as well as the lawyer if you decide to hire one to defend your case. If you do not have the support of the lawyer, you can go on your own. This type of appearance in the court is termed as prose. Make sure the time you spent in the court would be the effective one.    

It is mandatory to fill up these two forms along with this program and make a copy of it at least 4 when you have completely done that each time successfully.  After filling that form with appropriate details you can file up these documents via online stated as e-filing. You can also submit that in person. If you are eligible to get qualified from Illinois e-filing mandate for an exemption, you can go with the in-person method. When you lack the online sources or computer or scanner, you have rights to use up the public terminal. This public terminal will surely assist you in filling out the forms, particularly in the courthouse. You can carry out this in the same country where you filed out the divorcing case. You can send a copy of both your appearances as well as answers forms directly to your spouse by 5:00 PM on the same day. You can also try to file them on the same day as the circuit clerk.


After getting stamped you can send a copy to your spouse and if your spouse has a lawyer, you should send the same to the lawyer. It is easy to find the contact information of your spouse’s lawyer in the petition given for the dissolution of the marriage. You have to mention the way you would like to send a copy of it such as hand delivery, by mail, or by email and make sure that you do not fail to send the same as you mentioned earlier. You might have to send the form via email if the party has agreed to do the same. You would be sending the same if your party lawyers prefer the same. Do not forget to keep a copy of the same that is the stamped form for your future reference and records. By following these steps you can ease the divorcing process and make a new life after your divorce.

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